First steps were taken to start a weaving workshop in 2013. A teacher was found and he brought us up to date on the necessities for this course. We started the construction of an open hangar of +/-54 m². Once it is finished, a selection will be made along with the village head and the teacher among the needy youngsters.

The necessary material will also be purchased. Foreseeable start: April-June 2013.


The building was finished late May and we were able to start training in June as planned. Unfortunately, there is only one pupil now. Young people do not see a future in this profession. This craft is completely ruled out and one goes to the neighboring country Ghana to buy weaving fabrics. The aim is to revive this tradition and to appeal to village chiefs and other prominent figures to buy it from us. In December we received two orders. A start! The weaving workshop is expected to be basted by the end of 2014.


There is still only one pupil. A 15-year-old girl has started, but dissappeared after a month. The contacts to give orphans the opportunity to follow the training were lost. We will try again, but it’s hard work. We hope to reach an agreement on my arrival in May. The weaving workshop is currently for ¾ self - reliant.


Our one pupil is one brave guy. Young people show little interest because the training takes too long. We think that giving young people the opportunity to follow the training in modules during the drying season, might just be a solution. The syndicate does not agree with this!  Although there are regular orders, it happens that the weaver does not agree with the sale price. Result: the goods remain in the workshop, so the income decreases. We will handle this problem in 2016!


  • Our teacher is Mr. Tackie Agbanaglo
  • One pupil Dovéné Yawo Sedaho graduated and was deliberated on the 2nd March 2016. He also obtained an official diploma.
  • No candidates actually stayed.
  • In December we decided to keep Dovéné in service to carry out the orders, together with his tutor.
  • We will decide in 2017, if we will keep this training.



Our pupil Dovéné Yawo Sedaho graduated in 2016. He will stay with us to complete our orders. For 4 years no candidates have been found and we will decide this year what we will do with this class. Mawusé, however, received a large order in December. To realize this, he has been looking for pupils who work and go to school half time and professional workers. He has found two of them at the Ghanaian border. They will start in February. We rented a room for them the center to overcome the distance