Individual help

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It goes without saying that we are limited in the organizing of training courses. We focus on what the community serves most, such as literacy, Masons, etc. This does not mean that aid can be granted if someone wishes to take up training, which is not organized by the non-profit organization. It is a question of individual support that is, of course, totally dependent on our budget.


The university training of geography which Honoré Amekou took was sponsored individually. This training started three years ago.


Support to the organization of AJESCOF-Mir of Edwige, a young enterprising journalist.

Gift of notebooks and pens for underprivileged children in the Vaughan area.



Herwig is back again in Togo for six weeks. Individual support does not always mean one person, but also one person for the benefit of many. Our guest received a donation from a dentist from Belgium. A cargo of toothpaste and toothbrushes. He would use them in Togo, in terms of hygiene. Meanwhile, he has not only learned the children from primary school, how to brush teeth but also tells them about the importance of well-maintained teeth.