When setting up a project in a country such as West Africa, it is necessary to do this in harmony with the culture that prevails. In a respectful manner for both sexes we have tried over the years to make something happen, in such a way that both men and women realize that education benefits the whole family.


Through sketching on special activities, we showed that women with a degree do not have only a broader horizon, becomes a lot more independent, but can also contribute financially to the whole of the family.


More and more women and men are gaining insight, and this becomes especially clear on international women's day.

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Visual Report

The contact with her sister was broken years ago. Hope was lost in the meantime. One of our students learned to read and write in Ewe, her native tongue, French followed later. And then she noticed signs above the front door,  she recognized from the lessons. A cell phone number? She calls. Who answers? Her sister!

Reading and writing today, is expected from you, but that's not so obvious. Our society is so developed, it becomes very difficult when you can't read or write. In Togo there is still a lot of illiteracy and Embracing Life wants to change that.

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The place where the project was born was very well known for technical knowledge like sewing and weaving, but over the years, this knowledge was totally lost.

People no longer saw a future in this line of business, nor are there any sewing or weaving machines available to them, neither the means to purchase them.


Embracing Life revives old craftsmanship and attracts students for useful courses in this field such as mason, agriculture and animal husbandry.

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The interest in the worldwide web does not escape even the smallest corner of the world nor the region of Togo.


Thanks to the Red Cross of Flanders, which provided the project with the necessary (written-off) laptops and desktops... 

Thanks to two volunteers who put everything to work in 2017, to take the computer knowledge to a higher level in Togo, the ICT project can finally start.


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Language Skills


Technical Knowledge




The operation in Belgium focuses on a very close contact with the training center in Apégamé. On average, the chairman plans at least two visits a year on the spot. In the interim periods there is constant contact, among other things, via e-mail.


Embracing Life vzw also has a stand where it participates in many trade fairs and events, on one hand to make the public aware, on the other hand to finance the operating costs with sales, because gifts go to the project integrally.


Every year there is a general meeting under the title Summer Glow, for all members explaining the evolution of the project with video. A number of members have already visited the project on site. Members regularly receive a newsletter with the latest developments. Reports, newsletters, publication on social media, and activities form a varied whole in the operation of Embracing Life in Belgium.

The website was also translated into French, so that the people from within the training center are mutually informed. The agenda provides an overview of where you can find the stand in the coming months, as well as the planned activities in which Embracing Life participates, or organizes itself.

The project started since 2010. Initially literacy in Apégamé, but now this training has resonance in the nearby villages, such as Kpando.


The following programs are currently running:

  • Literacy
  • Sewing training (three years)
  • Weaving training
  • Construction training
  • Computer training

On a regular basis, there is a meeting between the project manager Mawusé on site and the teachers. The chairman is steadily briefed in Belgium with figures and reports.

The organization is applauded by a lot of chefs of villages in the area. Special activities include the Queen Mother, an Elders, the village chiefs, a priestess. They asked Embracing Life to build another school. The Prince of Togoville also visited the project and showed a lot of interest.

operations in belgium

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