The non-profit organization seeks to raise awareness about investments in education and training in those countries where many people seek a hopeless way out of Europe, and thus also Belgium. Poverty arises as a result of inadequate employment. At the same time, Europe has a lot to do with a flow of refugees because of false propaganda from the countries of origin.


Embracing Life was founded by Kathleen Hales in 2009. Her social commitment to the underprivileged, a visit to West Africa in 2005, were the perfect ingredients for doing something for the local population. Years of experience as head bookkeeper could only contribute positively to the financial part of having a non-profit organization.


But what she did not want is that the financial commitment of so many people, who support the project, gets lost into operation costs which large organizations often have to deal with. The proceeds had to be entirely devoted to the project. A difficult task, but not impossible. At the village of Apégamé, where the project is started, a building has been raised. It offers accommodation to students who take courses in literacy, sewing, weaving and soon computer training. Even an agricultural course is in the making.


Our project needs positive energy. Necessary oxygen which simply means the rise or fall of the project in general. Through donations or membership fees you can engage in an activity that not only bears fruit but also directly contributes to the educational, social but also emotional future of women, men and children.

In general