The association ' Friends of Zambia' is a De Facto organization established in 2015 by Hilde Van Haute.



They support projects in Zambia, with the emphasis on the self-reliance of the population. Among others, through education and entrepreneurship. Children and orphans are their care. This will be done in cooperation with local women and a congregation of black sisters. They believe that they themselves with all the necessary means to take matters into their own hands and to ensure that, in the longer term, through education and agricultural sustainable development is in Zambia.



  • Santa Maria Hospital

  • Saint Fidelis Hospital

  • Kacema Musuma Orphanage

  • Tete Kela Day Care Center for children from the slums


In the context of Music for life, there is a school that wants to organize an action (PTS Trail on 30 November). With this money, we want to contribute to a school for the Tete Kela Day Car Center located on the slums in Kasama, Zambia. Hence our cooperation as a vzw with 'girlfriends for Zambria' . Embracing Life vzw is registered on Music for life.

Target Groups

  • Rural Population
  • Children and young people
  • Women


  • Agriculture, Livestock and/or fishing
  • Water Supply
  • Health Care
  • Education


telephone: 0474 19 45 49



Donation: BE74 7360 1707 6007


Embracing Life has been accepted as a good cause by Music for Life / the warmes week. In this context, a coöperation has evolved with 'Friends of Zambria'.