Computing started off well. Two volunteers, Christiaan De Beule and Herwig Deryckere, ex - workers at the computer science programs at Federal Office in Belgium  department Finances, are now on site for two months until 2 December 2017.

What will they be doing?

  • Checking and installing the computers

  • Screening future computer-teachers on knowledge and skills

  • Giving our employees and those of ASFEEN an intensive training.

  • Editing courses for the different target groups

Computer ​​​​​​​Training

The Red Cross of Flanders donated written-off laptops and PCs

  • 12 laptops in October 2016

  • 12 desktop pen, screen, keyboard and mouses plus 6 laptops in February 2017

The covered terrace around the office, where the literacy lessons were being given, is now completely closed with windows and a door. We hope to start initiation lessons at the end of September.

There is a lot of interest among school managers and teachers who want to know what a computer can do. Of course, the youth is extremely interested in following the courses as well

What still needs to happen?

  • The walls still need to be painted

  • Insulating the roof against the heat

  • Placing an extra solar panel

  • Placing two fans

  • Buying about 15 crutches

  • Purchasing a screen for projections and a blackboard

 12 laptops and 12 desktops are ready to use.

Additonal work needed concerning the INFRASTRUCTURE 

The heavy rains begin to destroy the foundations of the joining walls where the lateral path is situated. A concrete ditch should be dug to divert the water, which would allow the path to remain accessible for pedestrians.

The electricity pole with the meter must be moved. It is currently in the opening of the garage gate. The shop, the storage room and the garage have yet to be completed meaning the floor, the roof, the window and door levels. At the moment we are growing plants! It is necessary to place lamps on the wall of enclosure to illuminate the floor in the evening. It is necessary to install 2 large and 2 small metal gates at the enclosure. Painting and embellishment remains to be done.