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Agou-Apégamé (Togo West Afrika)

Sir Mawusé AMEKOU


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Computer Training

Computing started off well. Two volunteers, Christiaan De Beule and Herwig Deryckere, ex - workers at the computer science programs at Federal Office in Belgium  department Finances, are now on site for two months until 2 December 2017.

What will they be doing?

  • Checking and installing the computers
  • Screening future computer-teachers on knowledge and skills
  • Giving our employees and those of ASFEEN an intensive training.
  • Editing courses for the different target groups

The Red Cross of Flanders donated written-off laptops and PCs

  • 12 laptops in October 2016
  • 12 desktop pen, screen, keyboard and mouses plus 6 laptops in February 2017

The covered terrace around the office, where the literacy lessons were being given, is now completely closed with windows and a door. We hope to start initiation lessons at the end of September. There is a lot of interest among school managers and teachers who want to know what a computer can do. Of course, the youth is extremely interested in following the courses as well

What still needs to happen?

  • The walls still need to be painted
  • Insulating the roof against the heat
  • Placing an extra solar panel
  • Placing two fans
  • Buying about 15 crutches

Purchasing a screen for projections and a blackboard