In 2012 she started training as a seamstress. In 2016 she received her diploma. After a six-month internship with an haute couture tailor, which she passed with flying colours, she now became the teacher in our center. Seventeen young women and mothers study under her leadership. She is an example and inspiration for the pupils because she went through this course as a single young mother. She herself is enormously grateful and an honest woman.

We wish her every success.




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May 2017

The atmosphere is good and the women come with enthusiasm for the training.

Which speaks for itself for four newcomers have signed up. Which brings the total to 10 and 2 are still waiting.

So we simply build extra space and double the area of the sewing studio (which was fit for six pupils). Thanks to the donations via Rosina & William.

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March 2016

Three of the four young women graduated and were also deliberated on the 2nd of March 2016, i.e. an official diploma.  Seven new young women have signed up. Two of which remained in the meantime. In total they are with six.

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The fourth year. In September, three women passed their exam.  They too are waiting for the deliberation to make way for newcomers. One is in her second year. Seven candidates want to join up. The profits of the sewing studio do not meet the expectations.

Alternatives are being searched for.

January 2014

The second year. The workshop still takes place in the office. During the day the chairs, tables and sewing machines are carried outside on the covered terrace. After the lessons, everything will be carried inside too to make space for the language lessons.

The construction of our own sewing workshop started and should be finished by July 2014.

A setback: The sewing studio is still not self-reliant. The patronage is not smash hit. Women come with fabrics to make a garment, but do not always pick them up afterwards. The proposal to sew school uniforms and sell them on the market for school, is studied.

This year, the sewing class was confronted twice with discipline problems. The two best pupils revolted and undermined the authority of the teacher. This was finally handled before the disciplinary Board at the syndicate of sewing courses. After which they left the training. In the meantime, a new pupil started and in total they are with four.

Because the teacher would also be more committed to winning customers, her salary was reduced by 1/3 and her commission was raised on sale from 30% to 40% and this as of August 2013.


  • Four seamstresses have taken part in the official state exam at the end of September and succeeded! This is great news.
  • Elli teaches since March 2018 and 20 young mothers joined the group !
  • Our first five sewing machines are the last time monthly overhauled and are urgently in need of replacement


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