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If it itches you must leave. Mid-January, Herwig left again, heading West Africa. In 2017, during the months of October and November, he was also there with Chris. Together they started an ICT class. Now he is there again for six weeks.

In the meantime, he leads the courses Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. The participants receive a certificate when completing training.

The staff of ASFEEN was eager to learn and grateful for his knowledge that he shared with them.


The knowledge among the students was so different that they had to be tested first on reading, writing and arithmetics to divide them into groups. The modules were adjusted to 10 lessons of 2 hours.

The students contribute to pay the teacher.


The IT training which began in October, under the guidance of two volunteers from Belgium, delivered five students with a certificate. It was a start-up procedure to enable us to evaluate how to organize things in an efficient manner for the future. We thank, of course, Christiaan and Herwig for the selfless efforts in these two months and for all the help that was needed to get started.