March 2018

Augustin who trains in Sichem as an ecological agricultural entrepreneur, has been there for three months. Besides growing vegetables, he has learned how to take care of chickens, ducks and fish. Later, the care and breeding of pigs and goats will follow. Augustin has visited a fish farm several times where he could take part in practical lessons. The theory included how to work out a business plan. After his formation (mid-September 2018) he will be deployed at the agricultural school in our area of Kati.

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January 2018

Three stamps are needed before the project can begin. Since June 2017 we are busy with this issue and now it is finally done, the third is stamp is a fact. This means that we can get started.  We will provide with a hedge of trees around the perimeter of the terrain in Kati.  We can start talking about  this project and also think about the beginning of a farm school.


Training ecological Agricultural Entrepreneur

Two people followed this training. They have passed their exams! Negotiations have started to work together with two other people to set up the work on our field in Kati, led by the Director of Sichem.

Anecdote: The Prince of Togoville, whom we call ‘Commando’, has asked for our help to give him a chance to follow this course. Banished from his homeland, he must build a totally new life. He asked not to publish pictures about him, nor to mention his name, for the sake of protection.

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Start-up agricultural project in Kati: €16,000 without the actual infrastructure!



Do you remember Augustin who followed in 2018 an agriculture and small animal husbandry training? Meanwhile he is working on the piece of land we bought in Kati. He had to get rid of scrub and other growth on the terrain, and plowing the whole business just requires a lot of labor. There are quite a few stones, and roots of trees which simply have to go.  A fence with barbed wire was applied. Wild cattle would be eagerly interested to eat the cultivation. But simply entering the ground, would destroy everything which has been planted.

Supply and transport are always a challenge. A small path is not particularly useful if you need access to the. The road was widened to make a connection with the sandy main road. Now, a motorbike or car can easily drive in and out with goods or supplies.

A shed was built to store the agricultural tools. A well, which was dug twenty meters deep, must provide the terrain with the necessary moisture. We expect the first sowing of ginger, cassava and peppers in April when the rainy season begins.