Language Skills


Language skills
The contact with her sister was broken years ago. Hope was lost in the meantime. One of our students learned to read and write in Ewe, her native tongue, French followed later. And then she noticed signs above the front door,  she recognized from the lessons. A cell phone number? She calls. Who answers? Her sister! Reading and writing today, is expected from you, but that's not so obvious. Our society is so developed, it becomes very difficult when you can't read or write. In Togo there is still a lot of illiteracy and Embracing Life wants to change that.
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Embracing Life

Technical knowledge

The place where the project was born was very well known for technical knowledge like sewing and weaving, but over the years, this knowledge was totally lost.

People no longer saw a future in this line of business, nor are there any sewing or weaving machines available to them, neither the means to purchase them.


Embracing Life revives old craftsmanship and attracts students for useful courses in this field such as mason, agriculture and animal husbandry.

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The interest in the worldwide web does not escape even the smallest corner of the world nor the region of Togo.


Thanks to the Red Cross of Flanders, which provided the project with the necessary (written-off) laptops and desktops... 

Thanks to two volunteers who put everything to work in 2017, to take the computer knowledge to a higher level in Togo, the ICT project can finally start.


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Operations in Belgium

Embracing Life is an NPO, founded in March 2009 by Kathleen Hales. Our approach in unique because the local population is involved in the whole project. This way the people get a feeling of self esteem, involvment, and responsibility. Our goal is to improve education and professional training among youngsters and adults, social reintegration of streetkids, sensibilisation to move people towards remaining in their country. Finally to create jobs. More about our the operations in Belgium....


Operations in Togo

The project started in 2010. Teachers were recruited to teach reading, writing, sewing, weaving and so much more. They became automatically involved in the whole of the project, including some people to run operations on the spot. A supervisor keeps contact with the Chairman in Belgium, and nearby village-chiefs who are interested to extend the project to their local town.


Chairman Kathleen Hales keeps a close watch by visiting the premises two or three times a year, and by demanding monthly reports. 

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